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Saturday, February 19, 2005
I've finally got my Mac back, after a three-and-a-half week holiday at Camp Scotsys in Bellshill. Apparently it was the logic board, so they ordered a replacement. This turned out to be dead on arrival so another was ordered and installed on Monday the 14th of February - this is where the fun began. I phoned on Tuesday, and was told it would be back in Edinburgh on Wednesday. I went to the shop and was told it was on test, and that I'd have it back on Thursday. I phoned on Thursday, and they said it was still on test and that it'd be back on Friday. (Are we seeing a pattern here?) I then called on Friday to see if they'd finally got it back, and they hadn't. Apparently the engineer decided to do one last check on it and it missed the van going to Edinburgh, so I could have it back on Monday. At this point I lost it (though not swearing or anything) and asked why I'd been told it'd be back on Wednesday when they hadn't any intention of sending it back then - they told me the logic board had only been fitted on Wednesday, contradicting what the shop had told me before. They then said that I could have it back if I came to Bellshill to collect it. I hung up.

I then realised I knew someone with a car who would probably be willing to take me there, so I called him - he was OK with it, so I offered to pay the petrol and off we went. I got there and retrieved it without too much incident, though I asked for a copy of all the data they had relating to that case in their CRM (as I'm allowed to under the Data Protection Act) so I can work out who was being incompetent. I won't be dealing with them again.

My Muvo also decided to die last Friday for a while too, just for some attention. It kept coming up "Media Error" any time I tried to do anything with it, even in recovery mode. I suspected the hard drive was dead and got ready to moan at Creative, but then I got home and charged it and it awoke, though without its firmware - I had tried to re-flash it earlier to see if that would help. I don't have a Windows machine so I had to wait till Monday to get one I could use with administrator-level access. I flashed it with the European firmware, which worked fine but even at maximum volume it wouldn't drive the headphones as loud as it did before with the volume about half way up. Evidently, the European firmware has a limiter to stop people blowing their ears off, so after re-flashing with the American firmware all was well.

Damn technology. At least now I can get back to playing with Mr Tascam.

On a happier note, on Tuesday I'm off to see the Doves in the Corn Exchange here in Edinburgh - should be a good gig. I'll have to give their new stuff a listen before I go though. I've also got tickets for Kasabian in April, and a rescheduled Ben Folds gig sometime in June, I think. Not as mad as November 2003 (6 bands in 2 weeks) but it'll have to do while I'm meant to be doing my dissertation.
I'm not sure about the Doves' new album, but I loved 'The Last Broadcast'. One track I do rather love (it's grown on me) is 'Black and White Town'. What British Sea Power stuff would you recomend?
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