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Saturday, May 22, 2004
The Wireless Development Weblog claims that there is no current "killer app" (I hate that term) for mobile data technology. Am I the only one that thinks it might be SMS, and that we have it already? People send a ridiculous number of text messages.
Wednesday, May 12, 2004
I've not used this for a while and they seem to have changed it around, and it looks quite cool. I apparently now have a profile which mainly lists the bands I like at the moment.

I've not been doing much computing related stuff recently, only redoing a CMS I wrote for a website for someone else. I'm redoing it in Smarty which seems to be quite handy, and more flexible than what I was using before. I have bought a book called the J2EE Developer's Handbook which should mean that I can learn a bit more about how to do these things properly: although I have written servlets before they didn't really stick to any best practices.

I have been to the Union doing the usual lighting thing a couple of times. Two weeks ago we had bands called Asa (that A should have a circle on it but I can't find the Unicode entity for it) and Engine. We've had Engine in before, so I knew what to expect from them: bass-heavy dance music with guitars and insane vocals. Asa were similar, in that there were folk with laptops (the biggest laptop I have ever seen: something like a 17" Acer, though 4:3 unlike the 17" PowerBooks). During Engine's soundcheck they had their iBook plugged in beside the mixing desk, and after connecting the DIs properly we managed to blow bits of the acoustic tiles off the roof, which was nice :) We like our insanely big JBL rig. During the show I ran lights for them and got to use lots of fast moving heads and strobes, so I was happy.

Last week it was Baltic and Underbelly, who were entirely different to the week before: standard guitar lineups. I think that was one of the easiest to run gigs I've ever had in the Union. I can't say much more about their sound other than they played guitar-based rock music, I'm useless at classifying these things, but they are both extremely good and deserve to do well.
I talked to the computer, it hates me

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