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Monday, July 12, 2004
Random Bookmarklets - putting them here so I can copy them to my work machine. Seems easiest at the moment...
Glasgow Library Author Search (Thanks James)
Google This
UK Postcode Search
Friday, July 09, 2004
Here I am sitting in my room in Stornoway with my iBook connected by WiFi to my DSL connection. Doesn't sound like much, but I never thought I'd see it happen on this island :) Setting it up was no hassle whatsoever: got a Linksys WAG54G (the DSL version of the incredibly popular WRT54G) and a couple of Belkin 54g PCI cards for the desktops, one of which is not needed as it's wired to the router, though it gives some flexibility in positioning the box for best signal if we need to. The iBook already had the Airport Extreme on board, and Dabs threw a Linksys 54G Cardbus card in for my old laptop which my brother now uses. Discovered Windows XP doesn't support WPA encryption without SP1, so I'm going to install that and upgrade to it from WEP later on. All in all I'm happy.
Tuesday, July 06, 2004
Not posted anything for a while, I kind of forgot/gave up on blogger for a bit. Might start using it again now though. Anyway, here is an interview with Rich Wareham, who wrote the very handy and open source Desktop Manager for Mac OSX, which adds UNIX-style virtual desktops to the Mac. I like it a lot.

At one point in the interview he describes the UI on the computer as doing "impedance matching" between the way the computer works and the way the users think. I think that's a cool description - the GUI becomes like a DI box or something. :)
I talked to the computer, it hates me

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