Michael Maclean
Saturday, January 01, 2005
I've been playing with iPodder for a while. I hadn't looked at it until I got my Muvo, though I've realised that I didn't really need something like that in order to use it. So far I've been listening to Adam Curry's Daily Source Code and Dave Winer's Morning Coffee Notes. Adam Curry's recording is very well produced, but that probably comes from the fact that he was an MTV DJ. It actually sounds like a proper analogue radio show, whereas Dave Winer's is pretty much him hitting record while he is in his car and rambling for a bit. Also listened to Moira Gunn's interview with William Gibson on IT Conversations- first thing I noticed was that Moira sounds like the default speech synthesis voice on Mac OSX :) I don't think that it's really necessary to keep announcing to people what they are listening to through a programme like that- it's unlikely that the listeners will tune in halfway through, and there's enough information in the ID3s to tell you as well. Not very important but the interview was interesting.

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