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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
I really like my Muvo. It's very small and light, has a lot of capacity, and sounds fantastic - there is absolutely no hiss whatsoever that I can hear and it sounds a lot better than the MD recorder I'm used to carrying around. Apparently the signal to noise ratio on it is about 98dB according to Creative, which is not very far off professional audio levels- I didn't think when I read it that I'd notice the difference but it is definitely there. I'm beginning to notice that some of the MP3s I encoded years ago at about 128Kbit/sec don't sound as good as the ones at 192Kbit/sec or VBR do so I might have to do some re-encoding at some point...

The are a couple of things that aren't as good as they could be. One is the iTunes support- iTunes for Mac OS X at least is aware of the device when you plug it in, but it doesn't seem to know about folders. All my music is in directories named for the artist, then another for the album, but iTunes can't see any of it. If you drag and drop files onto the device in iTunes they just end up in the root. It doesn't bother me too much though, as it's mass-storage compliant it just behaves like another hard drive. Though I've not tried it apparently iTunes on Windows doesn't even register the fact that it's there so I suppose that's something.

I didn't get the carry case for the player with it either- Creative seem to have been cutting down on the extras in the pack. I wouldn't mind the FM remote for it, but I'm not going to pay £40 just for that any time soon. Also the headphones that came with it don't fit my ears too well, though I've gone back to the Sony ones I was using before which are a lot better. It's got around 400MB of 4GB free just now, and I'm beginning to think that having so much space could be a bad thing. I quite often put it onto shuffle and select all the music, but I sometimes end up skipping about 50% of the songs it puts on depending on what I want to listen to. Maybe I should pare it down a bit and get rid of the things that seemed like a good idea at the time.
Agree with your comments on the headphones if they are the same ones you get with the TX FM. Which Sony ones are you using?
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